Bertran Sennwald  MSc ETH / REG A / SIA / Intl. Assoc. AIA


Bertran Sennwald  MSc ETH / REG A  / SIA / Intl. Assoc. AIA

Design Director at SDD  Shanghai, China 

Bertran is a professional architect skilled in finding innovative, comprehensive and pragmatical solutions driven by a careful understanding of eastern and western culture and the client's requirements. He has an exceptional ability to find  creative conceptual ideas in early design stage and to lead design teams through complex large-scale projects.

His architectural experience covers Mixed-use, Retail, Master plan, Office, High-rise, Hospitality, Civic, Headquarters, Residential and Education-Sectors. He is currently leading the design of large-scale projects based in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and other cities across China.  

Bertran holds a Master of Science in Architecture from ETH Zurich and a Register A Architect Certificate (REG A) from Switzerland. He is Member of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA), International Associate of the American Institute of Architects (Intl. Assoc. AIA) and Member of the U.S. Green Building Council.